November 25, 2013

Swipe Safari 1.0-31 iOS6 Fixed Fullscreen Bug At Specific Time

Swipe Safari v1.0-31

Now the latest version of Swipe Safari is available for free at the iPhone Family World. All because of iOS 6.1 Untethered Jailbreak there is a rush of users at Cydia therefore it is necessary to up-date you about most up-to-date versions of Cydia software. Swipe Safari 1.0-31 has fixed Full screen issues at specific time. Swipe Safari deb has solved just about all minor issues way too. Also Swipe Safari iOS6.1 features added the Remove Limit of 1 figure swipe. Swipe Safari has new gesture to quick lock with regard to file download and a new option regarding sensitivity of a single finger swipe.

Swipe Safari is 6 is the jailbreak tweak which can be revealed by debug. Swipe Safari 1. 0-31 also resolved disappear tab expose button when the tab count is over 8-10. If you need to navigate previous web page then only one finger does exactly the same thing for you. If you wish to customize Swipe Safari then get aid from settings app. Swipe Safari 1.0-31 is compatible for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch that requires IOS 5, 6 or newer.

Swipe Safari v1.0-31 - iPhone family world | iphone family
Swipe Safari v1.0-31

Swipe Safari 1.0-31 Features

  •  Previous/Next Page navigation by one finger webpage dragging
  •  Work with screen pulling all direction like Pull To Refresh
  •  Remove limit of tab count
  •  Work with gesture
  •  Swipe (two fingers)
  •  Swipe (three fingers)
  •  Double Tap, Triple Tap (One finger)
  •  Double Tap (Two fingers)
  •  Pinch (Two fingers)
  •  Tap/Double Tap + Long press (One finger)
  •  Fullscreen
  •  Add Recently closed tabs feature on iPhone/iPod Touch

Swipe Safari v1.0-31 Changes

  • fix full screen bug at specific time
  • fix disappear tab expose button when tab count is over 8


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