April 18, 2013

Temple Run 2 1.1.1 With New Updates & Changes to Win More Coins

Temple Run 2 1.1.1 for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch

iPhone family world, is always providing  its users the best iPhone family apps and latest updates relating to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. On this site you will be in position to locate iPhone best family plan, iPhone family deals and iPhone on family plan. This time we are presenting another best iPhone family app, named as Temple Run 2 1.1.1, is the most recent update along with daily and weekly challenges updates, where the players can earn more free coins and jewels. Temple Run 2 1.1.1 will additionally enable you to have challenge with your friends to beat your score. Furthermore, this iPhone family app is declared as one of the best app on iPhone family world. Temple run 2t 1.1.1 has recently been launched for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, and it is in compliance with the iOS 4.2 or later updates of iOS. Not only this, but this iPhone family mobile app is also optimized for iOS 5 for iPhone 5. This game is launched by “ImagiStudios”. Temple Run 2 IPA will enable you to select your favorite player to get away from the temple by running, leaping and sliding. Also, in this game you are able to get more and more coins to boost your power. 

Temple Run 2 1.1.1 - iphone family world | iphone family
Temple Run 2 1.1.1

As per the details provided by the iPhone Family world; this game is also available in iPhone family deals, iPhone family plan & in iPhone on family plan packages. Furthermore, Temple Run 2 1.1.1, IPA is having awesome Graphic User Interface that you will surely enjoy. The game is so thrilling because the demons are running behind you to trap you and to take you back in the Temple. However, your main objective is to escape from the castle and to run fast. The tilting controls of this game are so ideal that you will surely enjoy this. Also, Temple Run 2 1.1.1 on iPhone family world is supporting iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch 3rd, 4th & 5th generation as well as Apple iPad

Temple Run 2 1.1.1 Features

  • Slide, Jump and Tilt Control
  • Leveling-Up of the character by using crazy Power-Ups
  • Central Leaderboards & Achievements 
  • Option for Multiplayers
  • Unlimited Run Option
  • Assistance for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad 
  • ARCHERY- to earn extra coins 
  • New and Exciting Visuals and Graphic User Interface
  • The Demon Bear, Outrun Mordu, to earn the glory 
  • Fabulous Organic Environment 
  • New and hard Obstacles update 
  • Unique and Special powers for each character
  • Bigger Sized Monkey

What’s New In Temple Run 2 1.1.1

The iPhone family world, has noted down the few extra features, which is making this iPhone family app more exciting and most demanding. The below mentioned features are the reason that this app is included in the iPhone family deals, iPhone family plan and also on iPhone on family plan for further promotion. 
  • Daily and weekly updates for challenges to earn more coins and gems!
  • Multiplayer option to challenge your friend
  • More offers and updates for free coins 
  • Powerups with extended time for already active powers
  • More bug fixes 
  • Stuck Objective is fixed

Download Temple Run 2 1.1.1


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