April 5, 2013

iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 Latest Cydia Tweak Upgraded Along Some Bug Fixes

iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch

iPhone family world is dedicated to provide you the latest iPhone, iPad, and iDevices gadgets, this time we are presenting a new application developed by the Programmer ‘Itay’, who recently released the iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 with regards to iPhone & iPad. The latest iCaughtU Pro v2.4.4-1 up-date on iPhone family world contains original LTE compatibility, Control for ‘Get IP of the device’,  performance enhancements and several bug  repairs. The other features of the iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 are new Menu for the bug crashing Remote Commands along with a e-mail sending bug on iOS5. iCaughtU Pro is actually an improved edition of iCaughtU. This specific tweak enables to take a photo using the front video camera. 

iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 - iPhone Family World | iphone family
iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1

iCaughtU Pro 2.4.4-1 Download

If you want to download the latest iCaughtU Pro v2.4.4-1 for your iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch than visit the below link.

Download Link


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