April 2, 2013

EvasiOn 1.5.3 Untethered Jailbreak for Windows, Mac & Linux

EvasiOn 1.5.3 Download for Windows | Mac | Linux

At iPhone family world we are offering you different software applications for your iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch. This time we are presenting the iPhone & iPad application developed by the Evad3rs, which has been recently launched named as EvasiOn 1.5.3 especially developed for Linux, Mac, and Windows intended for untethered jailbreak. EvasiOn 1.5.3 and its latest update contain localization option for German, Chinese, French languages. Furthermore, EvasiOn 1.5.3 on iPhone family world provides the fantastic way to untethered jailbreak the iPhone iPad iPod Touch, while using the iOS6.x.

EvasiOn 1.5.3 - iPhone family world
EvasiOn 1.5.3

EvasiOn 1.5.3 Download

If you want to download the EvasiOn v1.5.3 for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch than visit the below download link.

EvasiOn 1.5.3 : Windows
EvasiOn 1.5.3 : Mac OS X
EvasiOn 1.5.3 : Linux


  1. look this one http://www.iphone4g-pro.com/evasion-1-5-3-disponible-au-telechargement-t17977.html

  2. Good Jobs. Here is some Method for iPhone jailbreak

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)