April 3, 2013

Emulator ROMs 3.1 Latest Cydia Tweak Offering Several Crash Fixes

Emulator ROMs 3.1 for iPhone | iPad | i Pod Touch 

Once again on iPhone family world we are providing you the information regarding the app of same developer Chen Fei, who has developed Emulator Roms 3.1 for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch in Cydia Store. This latest Emulator ROMs v3.1 update for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch, comes in the market with several crash fixes. Furthermore, this app present on iPhone family world provides emulators on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for your games.
Emulator ROMs 3.1- iPhone family world
Emulator ROMs 3.1
If you want to download the latest Emulator ROMs v3.1 for your iPhone | iPad | i pod Touch than you must use the given link provided by the iPhone family world

Download Link


  1. hi,

    Just wanted to know why any games i tried to download all crashed. i am using the latest emuroms provided.

  2. I do agree Sean, crashed !!!

  3. I agree, the app won't even open for me; EmuROMs shuts as soon as you click on it.

  4. Yea it's not working crashing upon opening