April 5, 2013

Awake Speech 1.0.1-1 Latest Cydia Tweak with Fixed Icon Appearance

Awake Speech 1.0.1-1 Download for iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch

At iPhone family world we are offering you different software applications for your iPhone|iPad and other iDevices. This time we are presenting the iPhone & iPad application developed by the “Merdok”, which has been recently launched named as Awake Speech 1.0.1-1 especially developed for iPhone|iPad and other iDevices at Cydia Store. The latest update of Awake Speech v1.0.1-1 on iPhone family world offers Dismiss and Snooze repeat count option, performance enhancement as well as solution for several bug issues. Generally this Cydia Tweak will enable you to set “Speak Custom Message” for your iPhone|iPad|iPod, when you snooze or dismiss the alarm on your iDevice

Awake Speech v1.0.1-1 - iPhone family world
Awake Speech v1.0.1-1

Awake Speech 1.0.1-1 Download

If you want to download the Awake Speech 1.0.1-1 for iPhone | iPad  |iDevices than visit the below download link.


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