March 6, 2013

WhoIsCalling 1.85 Touches The Cyida Store With iOS 6 Support

WhoIsCalling 1.85

iPhone family World provide here another best utility app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that is compatible with iOS 4, 5 and 6firmwaresWhoIsCalling 1.85 out with the support of iOS 6 and improved VCardParser where you can use a source that responds with a vcard format. WhoIsCalling for iOS has the ability to searches the web for information for the calling number when an incoming call or a text message arrives to your iPhone or iPad. WhoIsCalling for iPhone is the best tweak which permits you to effectively monitor your incoming calls, and know any caller’s ID even if he wasn’t saved in your contact list. WhoIsCalling 1.85 deb for iOS is an easy-use free application where you can add your own source in the app or use predefined sources.
WhoIsCalling 1.85 is the latest and updated version in which internet connection is required to perform searches. When there is an incoming call the EDGE is turned off. The best thing is that, the search is free, except the regular charges for data traffic.

WhoIsCalling 1.85 - iphone family wrld

WhoIsCalling 1.85

WhoIsCalling 1.85 Features

  • Identify the callers which not in contact list
  • Cross-platform mobile App
  • Works on Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices too
  • 3G connection or Wifi requires
  • Monitor your incoming calls

What’s New In WhoIsCalling 1.85

  • iPhone 5 resolution support
  • Fixed crasch on iOS 5.1.1


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