March 27, 2013

TetherMe 2.4-17 iOS 6 With Latest Cydia Tweak With Fixed iPad 2 Problem

TetherMe v2.4-17 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod 

iPhone Family World and on various sites Tethering got the significance for numerous applications. The well-known application TetherMe has been upgraded for Latest Firmware by Apple company, which is available on our site iPhone Family world. TetherMe 2.4-17 is the latest edition with repaired iPad2 problem on iOS6+ in which the choice to allow tethering wasn't usually noticeable. TetherMe deb 2.4-17 on iPhone Family World, enables local tethering or personalized HotSpot with regard to iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x & iOS 6.x products. It has been analyzed to operate on almost all iOS versions coming from 4.0 to 6.0 and functions by showing the apple iPhone to permit tethering on any kind of APN utilized for iPhone information which means you don't have to worry about to pay for extra out of your company mainly because all tethering information appears to originate from the device by itself.

TetherMe v2.4-17 - iPhone Family World
TetherMe v2.4-17

It's not necessary to to stress about fast improvements since this is to offer good for you only. TetherMe iOS6  on iPhone Family World, isn't suitable for 1st Generation apple iPhone and Wireless personalized Hotspot is just allowed for iPhone 5. Wireless Bluetooth doesn't presently work with the iPad2. You should go through process.

Settings -> General -> Network, or set up the actual Tethering Toggle for SBSettings.

TetherMe 2.4-17 ChangesLog

  • Corrected an issue with iPad2 on iOS6+ where the option to enable tethering was not always visible.


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