March 31, 2013

Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 Latest Cydia Tweak with Support for Demangling Logos-Generated Names

Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch

At iPhone family world we are offering you different software applications for your iPhone | iPad and other iDevices. This time we are presenting the iPhone & iPad application developed by the Lance Fetters, which has been recently launched named as Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 especially developed for iPhone | iPad and other iDevices. Furthermore, “+” mark for non-filtered items, “(*)” and different symbol for the executable files right after the image name, assistance for demangling Logos-generated names, enhanced method determination when there is no symbol information is existing., several enhancements and minor bug fixes.

Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 - iPhone family world
Symbolicate 1.2.0-1

Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 Download

If you want to download the Symbolicate 1.2.0-1 from iPhone family world for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch than visit the below download link.

Download Link


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