November 21, 2013

Opener 1.1.1-1 Latest Cydia Tweak Having New Icon for Settings Page

Opener 1.1.1-1 Download for iPhone|iPad|iDevices

At iPhone family world we are offering you different software applications for your iPhone | iPad and other iDevices. This time we are presenting the iPhone & iPad application developed by the “HASHBANG Productions”, which has been recently launched named as Opener 1.1.1-1 especially developed for iPhone iPad and other iDevices at Cydia Store

Opener 1.1.1-1 - iphone family world | iphone family
Opener 1.1.1-1
The latest update of Opener 1.1.1-1 on iPhone family world offers a comprehensive message inside Settings page while no handlers are generally installed, an icon to the Settings page, overall performance upgrades along with several bug repairs, which includes a problem causing applications to not have access to a listing of installed tweaks. Fundamentally it is a developer catalogue for overriding link locations for example you are able to re-route a YouTube url starting from Safari to a 3rd party YouTube iPhone app.

Opener 1.1.1-1 Download

Download the Opener 1.1.1-1 for iPhone | iPad and other iDevices

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