March 26, 2013

MyWi 6 6.00.11 Latest Update with More Fascinating Features

MyWi 6 6.00.11 Latest Update with More Fascinating Features

Our site iPhone Family World is presenting MyWi 6 6.00.11, which is available these days at Cydia store for up buying/license agreement where one can update or buy this excellent application quickly. MyWi 6 6.00.11 on iPhone family world has been upgraded to solve several bugs and to enhance the performance by including more effective functions and functionality. MyWi 6 with regard to Apple iPhone 4S & 5 uses LibStatusBar for status bar image with no additional reboots on installation and provides an alternative for Adhoc vs Facilities for iOS. MyWi 6 6.00.11 deb on iPhone Family world is extremely recommended program for apple iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad tablet which has Quicker initialization/broadcast of hot-spot as well as connection rates.  Not only this, but you can also modify the broadcast strength of WiFi up to 40-100%. 

MyWi™ 6 has been reconstructed from the beginning to improve Apple iPhone Wireless tethering rates on iOS 6! Will continue to work with all of Jailbroken iPhones (which include 2G/3G (MyWi 5.0 only) as well as 3GS/4/4S/5) along with Apple Devices supporting iOS up to 6.  MyWi 6 on iPhone family world enables you to make your own Wireless Hotspot as well as link iPad and Apple iPhone together with your Notebook or mobile phone. MyWi 6 Deb (Source Repo) have numerous extra ordinary attributes making your iOS gadget more valuable than ever before. Many new Tethering on iPhones/iPad for iOS contains assistance for 3.1 and all sorts of Jailbroken iPhones (such as 2G/3G/3GS) and Apple iPad, Develop a Wireless HotSpot using a press of the finger. 

MyWi 6 6.00.11 - iPhone Family World
MyWi 6 6.00.11

MyWi 6 v6.00.11 Important Key Features

  1. Great Support For all iOS 
  2. Enhanced Performance
  3. Less Battery utilization
  4. Select the In Use Indicator
  5. No battery utilization on Status bar icon
  6. Optimized with Blue pulsing bar having (10% – 25% extra battery)
  7. You can easily Adjust your WiFi broadcasting power
  8. Optimized with Battery consumption Check
  9. USB Bridge mode
  10. Wireless Bluetooth Tethering Alternative available (version 4.12+) 
  11. Develop WiFi HotSpot for connecting several notebooks or cellular devices to share your iPhone’s net connection
  12. 40 bit as well as 104 bit WEP Protection to stop other people from accessing your Wireless 
  13. HotSpot Capacity to permit USB Tethering on the iPhone 
  14. Broadcasts the actual Network Name (SSID) – you don't need to hassle with making an adhoc network on the laptop computer 
  15. Turns up and decrease bandwidth utilization 
  16. Assistance for MyWi on Demand
MyWi 6 6.00.11 Support iDevices
  • iPhone5, 4, 3Gs
  • iPod Touch 3rd,4th Gen
  • iPad1,2,3 & iPad Mini


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