March 31, 2013

Move2Unlock 2.0.1-2 Cydia Tweak Bypasses the Default Unlock Animation Now

Move2Unlock v2.0.1-2 Download for iPhone | iPad | 

iPod Touch

iPhone family world is providing free software, themes, gadgets for your Apple Devices. It is evident that any small or serious problem leads to “New edition” for almost any application on Cydia and AppStor. Therefore, iPhone family world is offering Move2Unlock 2.0.1-2, which is actually the newest version that includes fixed Peel lockscreen problem inside iPhone5. Furthermore, Move2Unlock Deb bypasses Default Unlock Animation Currently. Move2Unlock has been upgraded with full rewrite pertaining to optimization, improved compatibility and iOS 6 or even higher assistance for apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch.

Move2Unlock v2.0.1-2 - iPhone Family World

Move2Unlock v2.0.1-2

Move2Unlock2.0.1-2 on iPhone family world by Keith Scheiw provides the service to unlock your iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch by moving the lockscreen plainly. Move2Unlock for apple iPhone is personalized app by several choices such as different unlock types as well as animations, distances, guidelines, disappearing the lockscreen time clock, disappearing the slider, and much more. Move2Unlock iOS6 has greater features as compared to other Lockscreen apps such as “LockInfo” etc because they operate within limitations. Move2Unlock 2.0.1-2 for iPad provides you immediate Answer/Questions a lot faster.

Move2Unlock 2.0.1-2 Features

  • Unlock the actual iDevices simply by Moving the LockScreen
  • Much better than LockInfo
  • Several choices To Modify

What’s new inside Move2Unlock 2.0.1-2

  • Fixed the dependence concern causing tweak not to operate properly


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