March 30, 2013

iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 Latest Cydia Tweak Plugins for iPrivacy

iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch

At iPhone family world we are offering you different software applications for your iPhone | iPad and other iDevices. This time we are presenting the iPhone & iPad application developed by the Yeahwangy, which has been recently launched named as iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 especially developed for your iPhone|iPad and other iDevices at Cydia Store. iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 and its latest update provides plugin tweaks for iPrivacy Cydia, which is in fact a plugin to keep your notification secret. Furthermore, iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 on iPhone family world offers additional features such as iPod Plugin in order to control your relevant content, Plugin for Folder Lock, Voicememos Plugin to hide your voices, Activator toggle for GuestMode and TGuestMode SBSetting toggle. 

iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 - iphone family world
iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2
Generally iPrivacy Cydia Tweak provides a better “Guest Mode” solution for your iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch etc, so that no one can’t look at your personal messages, photos, emails, logging in to account, or even to mess-up with your iDevice settings

iPrivacy Plugins Pack 1.0-2 Download

if you want to download the iPrivacy Plugins Pack v1.0-2 for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch you can visit the below link.


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