March 29, 2013

GuizmOVPN 1.1.9 Latest Cydia Tweak With iPhone 5 Screen & iOS 6 Support

GuizmOVPN v1.1.9 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod

iPhone family world is dedicated to provide you best iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch software and gadgets. Cydia is supporting iOS people from a very long time also it offers all favorite software intended for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch customers. GuizmOVPN 1.1.9 on iPhone family world is actually the most recent edition with Multicast On WiFi problem solved. Now GuizmOVPN v1.1.9 facilitates you to take care of auto-proxy on re-connection  GuizmOVPN is definitely an OpenVPN GUI intended for iPhone | iPod Touch, and that is properly designed for allow it to be less complicated to utilize. GuizmOVPN may easily configurable.

You are able to run this app very easily as it is simply developed. GuizmOVPN edition 1.1.9 on iPhone family world is actually the most recent and new version is much finest as compared to the earlier versions. In this particular edition, following adjustments are already designed to make this specific app less complicated and popular. After installment, Register with any email and make use of serial: 12345678. This really is appropriate for the new iOS 4 or even later.

GuizmOVPN v1.1.9 - iPhone Family World | iPhone Family

GuizmOVPN v1.1.9

GuizmOVPN 1.1.9 What’s New In It?

  • IOS6 iMessage repair
  • Choice to stop/start the manager through SBSettings toggle
  • NCSettings toggle switch
  • IPhone5 display screen assistance
  • Automated connection/disconnection based on connectivity/SSID
  • Assistance wrapping OpenVPN tunnel 


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