March 26, 2013

Signal 2 2.0.1-1 App by Planetbeing for Nearby Tower Info

Signal 2 2.0.1-1 App by Planetbeing for Nearby Tower

For anyone who is an iOS User then he/she must be knowing the name of the well wisher as well as well-known Cyberpunk Planetbeing. He is the main one in assisting earlier iOS 5 Jailbreak as well as the most productive person in Evad3s Team that has offered one of the most popular iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak. I understand that planetbeing is the actual master mind and that he will give you everything that is helpful and exciting too. This time around he has offered his very first Cydia app called “Signal 2″. The Signal 2 2.0.1-1 oiPhone family world, is actually the 1st release with assistance for all jailbroken iOS gadget having cellular radios operating iOS 5 as well as above. 

Signal 2 v2.0.1-1 - iPhone Family World | iphone family

Signal 2 v2.0.1-1

The iPhone family world, is providing signal 2 v2.0.1-1, which is useful for people who look to investigate beyond the standards. It really is something less exciting once you find only the signal tower system near you however in case of Cellular date it is actually mystic now.  Planetbeing is renowned for Jailbreaking but this really is his first effort to assist you in various way. The Signal2 2.0.1-1 on iPhone Family world will enable you to track down Towers near you and select among at least one that is ideal for the Sims mobile data. Coverage problems for iOS Gadgets has been fixed by means of Signal 2 Deb. Even though this application is of 3.99$ and can be obtained at ModMyi repo but, this really is for some cause and you will probably not frustrated to buy this i believe. Already Planet being has aided the iPhone Dev Team to offer you the well-known Ultrasnow in order to unlock your iDevices.

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