March 26, 2013

iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 Latest Cydia App For iOS 4, 5 & 6

iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 Cydia App For iOS 4, 5 & 6

iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 is really a valuable utility software for apple iPhone, apple iPad Tablet and iPod Touch which demands iOS 4, 5 as well as 6. iRetiner GUI v3.0-3 provides the total assistance for iPad 3 as well as fixed small problems. iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 deb has the capacity to include retina display icons. You may use it effortlessly. To adapt these applications, simply head over to Options>Repair non-HD applications and execute a “Select all” after that “Repair”. iRetiner must now prompt you with all the action you decide at the 1st screen to adjust icons to RD, just click the actual “Adapt icons to retina display” option and also to revert all of them, just click the “Revert to original icons” option. You can also modified all of your apps with iRetiner. In the event that some apps aren't modified, don’t get worried because sometimes it is mistake of the programmer.

iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 - iPhone Family World

iRetiner GUI 3.0-3

Some Important iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 Features

Assistance for iPad

Identify icons of software

Resizes iTunesArtwork

Launching new graphic

Brand new circular progression rather than the progress bar

Revised how a ‘Repair non-HD apps’ area identify non-HD applications

Transformed design of both ‘Repair non-HD apps’ as well as ‘Restore repaired apps’

How To Install iRetiner GUI 3.0-3 Deb File to your iDevices

Download iRetiner GUI 3.0-3

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