March 26, 2013

IntelliScreenX 6 v6.01.07 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

IntelliScreenX 6 v6.01.07 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch

iPhone family world is presenting this time the Intelliborn's the most recent IntelliScreenX 6 6.01.07 edition for iDevices with increased improvements and completely new alternatives. The IntelliScreenX 6 6.01.07 gets over-all accomplishment within Cydia Apps and no one have do well to hack IntelliScreenX 6 6.01.07 on iPhone family world, since it is uncrackable. IntelliScreenX deb v6.01.07 will highlight the gorgeous Glimpse for iOS 5 Lockscreen. We are offering you the Demo version which means you need to buy IntelliScreenX deb [free source repo]. Please contribute the Author simply by donating due to this Best application for iOS 6 Notification Center as well as for your LockScreen and you're simply loving it as well. Personally, the pick of the collection is actually the “top shelf” function, that allows immediate access to functions for instance Wireless Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi as if it were a trainee SBSettings. IntelliScreen X free for iOS6.1.2 provides the notification center right to your current lock-screen, that what lots of iOS users are actually requesting.

IntelliScreenX 6 v6.01.07 - iPhone Family World

Your notification center will certainly instantly contain some SBSettings-like toggles so of course, you don’t require SBSettings any longer within iOS 6.1 with IntelliScreenX. The IntelliScreenX Cracked on iPhone family world, is perfect for iPhone, iPod Touch as well as apple iPad having iOS 6.1/6.0/5.1, that is Jailbreak. Up-date for just about any application may be the response to unknown bugs in the past edition or to enhance the functionality. IntelliScreen X 6 6.01.06 on iPhone family world, can be obtained nowadays for Download along with small-scale fixes.  IntelliScreenX is an essential-jailbreak tweak with regard to all iOS 6 people that allows you to definitely respond and point out individuals on your current Twitter straight on lock-screen. IntelliScreenX6.01.07 pertaining to iOS 6 has Facebook/Twitter RSS within your iOS 5 Notification Center and in your Lock Screen.

IntelliScreenX 6 6.01.07 Key Features

  1. Email:
  2. Known M+ Issues (BETA)
  3. Facebook:
  4. RSS:
  5. Twitter:
  6. Messages+ BETA Info:
  7. SMS Quick Reply/Compose:
  8. Top Shelf:
  9. ISX QuickSettings:
  10. Calendar & Events:
  • firmware (>= 6.0)
  • mobilesubstrate
  • preferenceloader
  • libstatusbar


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