March 29, 2013

ayeconspringboard 1.3.3 iOS6 Latest Cydia Theme For iPhone | iPod Touch

ayeconspringboard v1.3.3 Download for iPhone | iPad | iPod

iPhone family world is focused to provide you the latest iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch software. Surenix Probably the most Identified persona in iOS Theme area has updated his Well-known Ayecon sequence templates. Several Well-known Jailbreakers as well as programmers love “Surenix” because of his effort in offering essential iOS themes or templates. This time on iPhone family world we will be offering you the ayeconspringboard for Apple iPhone as well as iPod iTouch. ayeconspringboard 1.3.3 is fresh up-to-date version with a lot of interesting things and with earlier bug fixes. The ayeconspringboard 1.3.3 on iPhone family world is now available with assistance intended for Blue dial pad for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. You will discover the excellent look on your iOS springboard with this theme.

ayeconspringboard v1.3.3 - iPhone Family World | iphone family

ayeconspringboard v1.3.3

Graphical user interface is primary target by Ayeconspringboard iOS deb, which is appropriate for almost all iOS devices running iOS4 or even higher till iOS 6.1.2. You can easily make your personal Icon with regard to iOS with ayecon unique features. In order to use the ayeconspringboard1.3.3 just launch WinterBoard and choose Themes and verify every little thing inside ayeconspringboard.

Ayeconspringboard iOS - iPhone Family World | iphone family
Ayeconspringboard iOS

ayeconspringboard 1.3.3 Changes


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