March 7, 2013

Awake Speech 0.4.0-5 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch On iOS 5 or 6

Awake Speech 0.4.0-5

Awake Speech 0.4.0-5 is very awesome and useful jailbreak tweak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS6. Awake Speech v0.4.0-5 has a wonderful feature to read out a custom Text Message after you dismiss or snooze the alarm. Awake Speech is newly jailbreak tweak where you can customize your text message which you want to listen after snooze the alarm. The best thing is, you have no need to Siri to use this Cydia tweak because it doesn’t requires Siri. Awake Speech 0.4.0-5 is an updated and latest version by “merdok” which updated with the possibility to repeat the spoken text up to 10 times and rearranged the app settings. You also have the option to configure this tweak via  settings where you can also set the text message which you want. Simply you can say that Awake Speech for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is another must have jailbreak tweak.

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Awake Speech 0.4.0-5

What’s New In Awake Speech 0.4.0-5

How To Install Awake Speech Deb File to your iDevices

Download Awake Speech 0.3.0-7

Download Awake Speech 0.4.0-5


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