March 29, 2013

AirBlue Sharing 1.0.8 Latest Cydia Tweak With Fixed iPad 6.x Issues

AirBlueSharing v1.0.8 Download for iPhone| iPad | iPod Touch

iPhone family world is presenting you now AirBlue Sharing 1.0.8 iOS6 Deb Source Repo: Just like other Jailbreak Tweaks, Eric Day has updated his well-known Sharing Tweak AirBlue Sharing as well. Almost all cydia consumers were expecting AirBlue Sharing and yes it offers the iOS6 assistance now. AirBlue Sharing 1.0.8 has included now an account activation mirror. All credit goes toward Eric Day who is the programmer of this specific well-known tweak. AirBlueSharing 1.0.8 iOS6 provides several better accomplishments with regard to apple iPhone, iPod Touch as well as iPad consumers which you will surely like.

AirBlue Sharing deb has currently improved music importation as well as QuickDo integration; you are able to manage in Quickdo just before use. Air Blue Sharing deb 1.0.8 in iPhone family world is a Wireless Bluetooth data file transfer app and that is mainly used to share the regular files such as pictures, video clips, songs and much more on the iOS gadgets along with another Bluetooth enabled gadget exactly like Celeste Bluetooth data file sharing application.

Air Blue Sharing is probably the most desired tweak with regard to Apple iPhone, apple iPad & iPod Touch. Air Blue Sharing 1.0.8 on iPhone family world demands iOS 4.2 or later and finest thing is the fact that it really works well with iOS 6. For implementing Air Blue Sharing, You need your current device to be jailbroken. AirBlue Sharing iOS6 needs no settings, and provides high-speed Bluetooth transmission as high as 1.7 MB/s.

AirBlueSharing v1.0.8 - iphone family world

AirBlueSharing v1.0.8

AirBlue Sharing 1.0.8 Attributes: 

1.  Zero configurations
2. Local Bluetooth pairing, don't need to re-pair your gadget when utilizing iOS local Bluetooth
3.  Top speed Wireless Bluetooth transmission, as much as 1.7 MB/s
4.  Instantly shutdown Bluetooth while transmission done just to save power
5.  Move data files over Wi-Fi connection; it’s possible to move videos in a matter of seconds (iOS to iOS)
6. Immediately build a Wireless Hotspot for transmission when absolutely no Wi-fi available (iOS to iOS, large file)
7.  Send from Notices/Pictures/Movies /Songs/Contacts/Voice Memos …
8.  Send any kind of file from apps support
9.  Transfer data to Contacts/Pictures
10. Send/receive numerous files at the same time
11. Sent/received notice sounds


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