March 25, 2013

Latest Music Controls Pro 6.x Updated To

Latest Music Controls Pro 6.x Updated To 

iPhone family world is providing you latest apps and gadgets for your iDevices. This time we are providing you the Music Controls Pro 6.x with superb features like background video, App interruption dis-abler as well as  remote support pertaining to apple iPhone and iPod touch. The actual Music Controls Pro 6.x v1.0.6.1-3 on iPhone family world blog is definitely a helpful software by Phoenix 3200 who has the actual credit of well-known tweaks such as Shrink, ResupportedPage2D, Dimmer, and much more. Music Controls Pro for apple iPhone offers a simple way to manage your Music. The latest Music Controls Pro contributes system integrating along with background directly into your selected programs, Simply when you're hearing your lovely songs program, this functions like a multitask. You are able to change tracks or even modify the actual volume swiftly simply by swipe settings which will help preventing in the unintentional pocket squeezes and extend your battery power with swipe timeout alternatives. A brand new function of Video Background processing enables you to to keep hearing a video clip while you multitask.

Music Controls Pro 6.x iPhone Family World
Music Controls Pro 6.x Updated To

The iPhone family world blog is offering you the latest Music Controls Pro 6.x which is extremely valuable program to manage your own songs by integration. Music Controls Pro 6.x v1.0.6.1-3 is actually the most recent and new version which includes the ability to fix Livepaper match-ups as well as Task controls positioning. Music Controls Pro 6.x for apple iPhone and iPod touch is completely appropriate for all iOS firmwares. The Music Controls Pro iOS6 on iPhone family world is having the software updates such as SiriuxXMPandora and Grooveshark.

Music Controls Pro 6.x Key Features

  • Background Videos: You don't need to close playing video clips while beginning some other apps
  • Dock metadata: Alternative which allow you to view playing things within your loudspeaker or even automobile stereo
  • Application support: Now Napster, Tuneln, Audiogalaxy, Zumnocast are supported
  • Remote server: By making use of this you are able to control your new music apps from some other gadget by remote
  • Revamped engine: This enables you to open up several music apps as well as swipe manage them
  • SBSetting toggles:  Intended for Swipes and Remote server

Music Controls Pro 6.x supports following Programs:

iPod, Podcaster, dTunes, Pack, Grooveshark, Podcaster, iSub, AccuRadio, Rhapsody, KKBOX, CBS Radio, rdio, iFile, ooTunes, Flycast, Remote,, Plugplayer, meem, Napster, Finetune, Airband, iTunes Top 100, MOG, iPeng, Bing Music, Audiogalaxy, etc


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